Kabir Panth

Which is the only True Kabir Panth in this Universe?

Dharamdas Linage offsprings will be Egoistic and Arrogant - Anurag Sagar

The knowledge about 42 generations (vansh) of Saint Dharamadas ji and native seats of Damakheda.

  • Doubt: There is description of the twelve messengers in Anurag Sagar page no. 120 to 123, in which it is written that the eighth messenger who will run the panth, he by stealing some knowledge from Quran and some from Vedas and by only taking some nirgun gyaan of Kabir Ji will spread his knowledge and will write one comparative book. You are also writing a book by describing the Vedas and Quran etc. What is the proof that your path is the path of Kabir only?

    Solution: The description of twelve panths of Kaal in Kabir Sagar has been adulterated as it has been edited by those belonging to Damakheda.

    (1) Because the description of the twelve panths written in Kabir Bani (Bodh Sagar) page no. 134 to 138 does not match with the Kabir Bani written in Kabir Charitr Bodh on page no. 1870.

    (2) This description is of the founder of the eighth panth. After that Ram Kabir Panth, Satnami Panth etc all the twelve panths have already run.

    Now the thirteenth panth i.e. a real path is being run by this Das (Rampal Das) by which all the panths will get eliminated and only one panth will remain. The evidence of which you have read in the aforementioned account, which is going on by the order and grace of Supreme God Kabir Ji Himself. This Das (Rampal Das) is not writing books stealing the knowledge of the Vedas and Quran and Kabir Speech etc, but rather publicity is being done on the basis of the speech of God Kabir Ji and to prove the authenticity of Supreme God?s Kavir Vaani (Kabir Vaani / Kabir Speech), the support of the Vedas and Quran etc is being taken. The meaning of stealing speech is to hide the actual knowledge, twisting the knowledge of the true scriptures, to make ones folklore famous, but this Das considering the speech of God Kabir Ji the basis, is showing the path based on true knowledge.

    Therefore, our path is the Kabir path (panth). The way of worship of the rest of the panths is against the scriptures i.e. is arbitrary behaviour (worship) which is not the giver of salvation.

  • Kabir Sagar ? ?Amar Mool? on page 196, verse is written :

    Verse/couplet: -

    ??? ??? ?? ??? ??, ??? ??? ????? ???? ??????? ???? ??, ??? ??? ???????
    Naam bhed jo jaan hi, soyi vansh hamaar |
    Naatar duniyan bahut hi, bood muaa sansaar ||

    It is written on Page 205: -

    ??? ???? ?? ??? ????????, ???? ??? ???? ???????
    Naam jaane so vansh tumhaara, bina naam buda sansaaara |

    It is written on Page 207: -

    ??? ??? ?? ???? ?????, ???? ?? ??? ??? ??? ???????
    Soyi vansh sat shabd samaana, shabd hi het katha nij gyaana |

    It is written on Page 217: -

    ???? ??? ???? ???? ????, ??? ???? ?? ????? ?????
    Bina naam mite nahin sansha, naam jaane so hamaare vansha |

    ??? ???? ?? ??? ?????, ??? ???? ?????? ? ?????
    Naam jaane so vansh kahaavae, naam bina mukti na paavae |

    ??? ???? ?? ??? ?????, ???? ??? ???? ???????
    Naam jaane so vansh hamaara, bina naam buda sansaara |

    It is written on Page 244: -

    ????? ?? ???? ???? ?????, ??? ????? ?? ?????????
    Bind ke baalak rahein urjhaayi, maan gumaan aur prabhutaayi |

    Saakhi: -

    ???? ???? ??? ??, ?? ??? ?? ???? ???? ???? ?? ?????, ??? ?? ???? ??????
    Hamre baalak naam ke, aur sakal sab jhooth ||
    Satya shabd kah jaanhi, kaal gah nahin khoonth ||

    ??? ????? ???? ??? ????, ???? ??? ???? ????? ??????
    Vansh hamaara shabd nij jaana, bina naam nahin vanshahi mana ||

    ??????? ???????? ??? ?????? ??? ?? ?????? ??? ??? ?????
    Dharmdas nirmohi hiye gahehu | vansh ki chinta chhad tum dehu ||

    The meaning of Kabir Sagar, Adhyay Anurag Sagar, page 138 to 141 is that: - In your lineage the offspring (bind) will be egoistic and will also fight out of arrogance and will say that we are from Dharmdas?s lineage (offsprings). We are the best. Supreme God Kabir Ji has said that my actual (vansh) successor is only he who is familiar with my Nij shabd i.e. Saarshabd. One, who is not familiar with the Saarshabd, will not be considered to be my vansh (successor). Therefore, upto the twelfth panth i.e. Garibdas ji?s panth are said to be Kaal?s panth. Therefore, Kabir Ji said to Dharmdas ji that leaving the tension about your lineage, become detached.

Dharamdas Linage offsprings will be Egoistic and Arrogant

Kabir Sahib said that if your successors will go according to my directions, then I will also get them across; otherwise not.

From Kabir Sagar Page no. 139: -

??? ??? ?? ??? ?????, ???? ??? (???) ???? ???? ?????
??????? ?? ??? ????????, ??? ??? ???? ????????
???? ?? ??? ??? ?? ???, ????? ???????? ??? ??????
????? ?? ??? ?? ??? ?????? ???? ?? ????? ????????????
????? ??? ????? ??????, ???? ????? ??????? ?????
?? ??? ?? ??? ???????, ?? ???? ?? ?????? ?????
???? ??? ?? ????? ?? ???? ??? ????? ???? ??? ?? ?????

Vachan gahe so vansh hamaar, bina vachan (naam) nahin utre para |
Dharmdas tab bans tumhaara, vachan bans roke batpaara ||
Shabd ki chaas naad kah hoyi, bind tumhaara jaay bigoyi |
Bind te hoye na panth ujaagar| parakhi ke dekhhu dharmninaagar ||
Chaarahu yug dekhhu samvaada, panth ujaagar kinhon naada |
Aur vans jo naad samhaarae, aap tarein aur jeevhin taare |
Kahaan naad aur bind rae bhaai| naam bhakti binu lok na jaayi ||

The meaning of the aforementioned speech is that Supreme God Kabir Ji said to Dharmdas ji, ?He, who will obey my orders, will only be my successor i.e. follower; otherwise, he will not get across. Your bind i.e. offspring from body, mahant descendents, will become arrogant. They will straightaway go to hell. Your panth will only be able to run through naad (disciple succession) if the actual mantra will continue; otherwise, your both naad (disciple) and bind (offspring of body) will become devoid of bhakti. Only your lineage will still continue.?

?Dharmdas, someone other than your both successions (Naad and Bind) will be my word i.e. Naad (of disciple tradition) followers. My true Kabir Panth will become famous by them.? Kabir Sahib is saying that Dharmdas, see in any yug, welfare of living beings has been done only by Naad (word) i.e. disciple succession, and no true path runs from offspring of bind (body) i.e. mahant succession. They are arrogant.

Only Satnaam can give salvation

It has become clear from the above-mentioned description that the Mahant of Damkheda native seat by fabricating stories are misleading the reverent devotees.

This Das (Rampal Das) provides the real Satnaam (which is of two mantras, in which one is Om' and second Tat' is a coded mantra). Its evidence is in speech of Respected Dharmdas Sahib ji which is in Kabir Sagar and Kabir Panthi Shabdavli and in the speech of Respected Garibdas Sahib ji and in the speech of Respected Dadu Sahib ji and in the speech of Respected Gheesa Das Sahib ji and in the speech of Supreme God Kabir Sahib Ji.

But at present everyone, the so-called Kabir Panthi and the panthi (followers) of the above-mentioned other saints are unfamiliar with Satnaam and are giving arbitrary naam jaap, which is useless.