Kabir Panth

Which is the only True Kabir Panth in this Universe?

Adulteration in Kabir Sagar by Kabir Panthi Yuglanand Bihari

The redactor of the present Kabir Sagar, Shri Yuglanand Bihari (publisher and printer ? Khemraj Shri Krishan Das, Shri Venkateshwar Press, Mumbai) has written in his preface that I have 46 copies of Anurag Sagar, in which there are hand-written and printed. Everyone?s explanation is different from one another. Now I (Shri Yuglanand ji) have written the true description by purifying it.

Yuglanand Bihari says that the soul of Dharamdas reincarnated as Neeru where as in reality Dharamdas and Neeru / Neema were contemporaneous

Analysis: Shri Yuglanand ji has written in Anurag Sagar on page no. 110 that Dharmdas Saheb Ji was an incarnation of Neeru i.e. the soul of Neeru only was born as Dharmdas, and the soul of Neema was born as Aamni. He has composed a speech and written it, Kabir words : -

Chalehu hum tab sees navaayi, Dharmdas ab tum lag aayi |
Dharmdas tum neeru avtaara, aamini neema pragat bichaara |

And in ?Gyan Sagar? on page no. 72, he has not written Dharmdas as the incarnation of Neeru and instead of Neeru, has written Noori.

Important: Book ?Dhani Dharmdas Jeevan Darshan Evam Vansh Parichay?, published from Damakheda, on page no. 9, it is written that Dharmdas Ji was born in Samvat 1452 (year 1395), and in Kabir Sagar ?Kabir Charitr Bodh? page 1790, it is written about Kabir Ji?s birth that in Samvat 1455 (year 1398) on Jyeshth Shudhi Purnima Monday the brilliance of SatPurush descended on the Lahartara Pond in Kashi i.e. Kabir Ji appeared in a child form.

On Page no. 1791, 1792 (Kabir Charitr Bodh), it is written that Neeru weaver and his wife Neema were going along. They saw a child and picked him up.

From page no. 1794 to 1818, has explained the magnificence through the speech of Respected Garibdas Ji Maharaj (of Chhudani, Haryana). Has written the speech of Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj (this also is a clear proof of interpolation i.e. adulteration in Kabir Sagar).

It has been proved from the above-mentioned description that ?

Sant Dharmdas Sahib?s birth was in year 1395 and Supreme God Kabir Ji?s descent was in year 1398 and His union with Neeru and Neema was in year 1398. So Dharmdas Ji, Supreme God Kabir Ji and Neeru and Neema were contemporaneous. This speech that Dharmdas ji was the soul of Neeru has been proved incorrect. It has been proved from this that there is adulteration (interpolation) in Kabir Sagar which has been intentionally done by those belonging to Damakheda. Saint Garibdas ji was born in year 1717 (Samvat 1774). Garibdas Ji?s speech, which is of 199 years after the disappearance of Kabir Ji, is also written in Kabir Sagar in Kabir Charitr Bodh, which clearly proves that there is adulteration in Kabir Sagar.

A verse (saakhi) is written in Swasam Ved Bodh (Bodh Sagar) on page no. 137 that at the time of Bhandara in Kashi, Kabir Ji left home and Vishnu did the bhandara: -

Bheer bhayi saadhun ki bhaari, grah taji satya Kabir sidhaari |
Aaye Vishnu bhaye bhandaari, saadhun ko aadar kari bhaari ||

It is evident from this that some fake Kabir Panthi adulterator is also a worshipper of Shri Krishna and is unfamiliar with the magnificence of Sat Kabir Ji.

Supreme God Kabir Sahib has made up for this through Saint Garibdas Ji

Supreme God has made up for this through Saint Garibdas Ji (of Chhudani, Haryana). Through Garibdas ji also, has got doubtful speech included in which even the magnificence of Vishnu ji is excessively mentioned, and Saar Gyan (Tatvgyan ? Real Complete knowledge) has also been written in a secretive manner. There is no decisive knowledge in Sant Garibdas ji?s speech. Respected Garibdas ji has narrated the speech by the power of Kabir Ji only. Whatever Kabir Ji wanted him to speak, He made him speak that only, so that the secret could be kept hidden uptil now (uptil me, Rampal Das). Now that very Bandichhor Supreme God Kabir Ji had made that complete knowledge (Tatvgyan) appear through me (Rampal Das), the thirteenth successor.

  • Kabir Sagar - Kabir Speech, Page 134: - ?Vansh Prakaar? (Types of successors)

    Pratham vansh Uttam |1| Doosra vansh Ahankaari |2| Teesra vansh Prachand |3| Chautha vansh Beerhe |4| Paanchvein vansh Nidra |5| Chhate vansh Udaas |6| Saatvein vansh Gyaanchaturaayi |7| Aathe Dwaadash panth Virodh |8| Nauvein vansh Panth Pooja |9| Dasvein vansh Prakaash |10| Gyaarahvein vansh Prakat Pasaara |11| Baarahvein vansh Pragat Hoye Ujiyaara |12| Terahvein vansh Mite Sakal Andhiyaara |13|

    Meaning: In the above-mentioned description, the first vansh which has been written as ?Uttam? is about Churamani Saheb. The second vansh has been written as ?Ahankaari?; this is Yagaudas panth. Third vansh has been written as ?Prachand?; this is Surat Gopal panth. The fourth vansh is written as ?beerhe?; this is Mool Niranjan panth. The fifth vansh ?Nidra?, this is Pooja Taksaar panth. The sixth vansh is ?Udaas?, this is Bhagwan Das panth. Seventh vansh is ?Gyaan chaturayi?, this is Satyanaami panth. The eight vansh ?Dwaadash Panth Virodh?, this is Kamaal?s panth. The ninth vansh ?Panth pooja?, this is Ram Kabir panth. Tenth vansh ?Prakash?, this is Prem Dhaam (Param Dhaam) ki Vaani panth. Eleventh vansh ?Prakat Pasaara?, this is Jeeva panth. Twelfth vansh is ?Garibdas Panth?. Thirteenth vansh ? this is true Kabir Panth, which has been started by me, Das (Saint Rampal Das), for the deliverance of the middle generation.

    Amazing Secret in Kabir Sagar

    It is written on Page 244: -

    ????? ?? ???? ???? ?????, ??? ????? ?? ?????????
    Bind ke baalak rahein urjhaayi, maan gumaan aur prabhutaayi |

    Saakhi: -

    ???? ???? ??? ??, ?? ??? ?? ???? ???? ???? ?? ?????, ??? ?? ???? ??????
    Hamre baalak naam ke, aur sakal sab jhooth ||
    Satya shabd kah jaanhi, kaal gah nahin khoonth ||

    ??? ????? ???? ??? ????, ???? ??? ???? ????? ??????
    Vansh hamaara shabd nij jaana, bina naam nahin vanshahi mana ||

    ??????? ???????? ??? ?????? ??? ?? ?????? ??? ??? ?????
    Dharmdas nirmohi hiye gahehu | vansh ki chinta chhad tum dehu ||

    Supreme God Kabir had said in His speech to Kaal that your twelve panths would have started, and then I will send my Naad (word ? of the disciple tradition) vansh (descendent) i.e. part. This description has been written based on that only. From the twelfth vansh (part), Saint Garibdas Ji, Kabir speech and some doubtful knowledge of the grandeur of Supreme God Kabir Ji will spread. Like, in the tradition/lineage of Saint Garibdas ji, worship and publicity is done considering Supreme God Kabir ji to be an incarnation of Vishnu ji. Saint Garibdas ji has stated in ?Asur Nikandan Ramaini? ?

    ????? ???? ???? ?????? ?????? ????? ???? ?????
    Saheb takht Kabir khvaasa | dilli mandal leejae vaasa ||
    ?????? ?????? ????? ????, ???? ???? ??? ??????
    Satguru dilli mandal aaysi | sooti dharni soom jagaaysi ||

    The meaning is that the twelfth panth (ansh/part) of Saint Garibdas ji is said to be the one describing worship up to Kaal. Therefore, only the speech of the glory of Kabir has been revealed by Saint Garibdas ji. In it, has said that the khvaas i.e. servant of the Takht i.e. throne of God Kabir will come in the region near Delhi. He will wake the miser people of that region by telling the glory of God i.e. will increase their interest in daan-dharm (charity-meritorious acts). That thirteenth ansh (part) will be the supreme servant of the court of God Kabir. He will be highly recipient of the favour of Supreme God Kabir.

    In Rigved Mandal 1 Sukt 1 Mantra 7, Up Agne i.e. Up Parmeshwar (Deputy Supreme God) is stated. Therefore, Complete God hiding His secret, appearing in Das (servant) form, describes His glory. Therefore, in Rigved Mandal 10 Sukt 4 Mantra 6, that very Supreme God has been called Taskar (smuggler) i.e. one who operates by cheating. Shri Nanak ji called Him Thagvada (cheat). Therefore, consider the thirteeth ansh/part (Saint Rampal Das) to be His Das (servant) or the deputy power (Up agne) of that Complete God Himself.

    ImportantTherefore it is written that in the succession of the Twelfth Ansh, I only will come in the form of the Thirteenth Ansh. That Thirteeth Vansh (ansh) completely eliminating the darkness of ignorance, imparting the knowledge of the actual glory and naam (name/mantra) of Supreme God Kabir Ji, finishing all the panths (sects), will only run one panth. I (Supreme God Kabir) alone will be that Thirteenth Vansh.

    Kabir Speech (Kabir Sagar) on Page 136: -

    There is description of the twelve panths. Regarding the Twelfth Panth (it is written that Garibdas Panth is the twelfth panth in Kabir Sagar, Kabir Charitr Bodh on page 1870), a speech is written in Kabir Sagar, Kabir Vaani (speech), page no. 136-137: -

    Dwadash Panth Chalo So Bhed

  • Dwadash Panth Chalo So Bhed

    The meaning of the description written in Kabir Sagar, Kabir Baani named Adhyay (Bodh Sagar) on page no. 134 to 138: -

    On page 134 ? After the twelve vanshs (parts), in the thirteenth vansh (part) the entire darkness of ignorance will be dispelled. Until Saint Garibdas Panth, the twelve vansh of Kaal will show their respective cunningness. On page no. 136, 137, there is description of the ?twelve panths? and it is written that in Samvat 1775, the love of God will emerge and my speech will be revealed. {Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj of Chhudani (Haryana) was born in 1774. God Kabir met him in 1784. This only is described here, and instead of Samvat 1775, it should be 1774. 1775 has been written by mistake.

    Meaning is that including the twelfth panth of Garibdas ji, the followers of the aforesaid twelve panths will sing my glory and will advise the living beings based on my verses, but because of being unfamiliar with the actual mantra, worshippers can not go to Satlok for infinite births. The aforesaid twelve panths authenticating me only will do bhakti, but cannot attain permanent place (Satlok). Further in future in the twelfth panth (panth of Garibdas ji), I (Kabir Ji) will myself come, and eliminating the twelve panths will only run one panth. Until then, Saarshabd and Saargyaan (Tatvgyan) has to be kept hidden. Saint Garibdas ji Maharaj has given this same evidence in his nectar-speech ?Asur Nikandan Ramaini? that ?Satguru Dilli mandal aaysi, sooti dharti soom jagaaysi?. Old Rohtak district (currently Sonipat, Jhajjar, and Rohtak which were earlier one district) is known as Delhi Mandal, which was under the center at the time of British rule. My, Das?s, native village Dhanana is in this very old Rohtak district. In year 1951, I (Saint Rampal Das) was born.

    The mention of the twelve panths is also in

    Kabir Charitr Bodh (Bodh Sagar) page no. 1870,

    in which the twelfth panth is written as Garibdas.

    In the panth of Kabir Saheb, the description of the twelve panths spread by Kaal (from Kabir Charitr Bodh [Kabir Sagar] page no. 1870) : - (1) Narayan Das ji?s Panth (2) Yagaudas (Jagu) Panth (3) Surat Gopal Panth (4) Mool Niranjan Panth (5) Taksaar Panth (6) Bhagwan Das (Brahm) Panth (7) Satyanami Panth (8) Kamaali (Kamaal?s) Panth (9) Ram Kabir Panth (10) Prem Dhaam?s (Param Dhaam) Speech Panth (11) Jeeva Panth (12) Garibdas Panth.

    Important: Here the director of the first panth has been written as Narayan Das, whereas in Kabir Vaani (Kabir Sagar) on page no 136, Churamani is written as the director of the first panth. Th rest of the context is correct. In this also the followers of Damakheda have tried to remove Churamani. They have written Narayan Das instead; whereas, Narayan Das was totally opposite. He had got ruined. Therefore, we should consider the first panth to be of Churamani ji only. The second thing is that in the speech written in Kabir Vaani (Kabir Sagar) on page no. 136, only after adding Churamani twelve panths are formed.